Hello and welcome

Hello and welcome

I'm Carolina Wikstrom

I'm Carolina Wikstrom

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If we haven't had the pleasure to meet before, I am Carolina Wikstrom, a 1/3 Sacral Generator, mom of two, Colombian, and currently living in London, UK.

I have a background in Business, Finance working for more than ten years in the industry.

But after becoming a mom, not only did my priorities shift, I also went through a deep identity crisis as I tried to reconcile my new role as a mom and what I wanted out of life without losing my essence. The things that made me "me." And that's when Human Design found me!

(I say it found me as I can't honestly recall where I heard about it first, but that is usually the case with these things, they have a way of finding you when you are ready for them!)

That was almost four years ago! (wow, time flies) and tomorrow, I will tell you more about how I went from feeling absolutely disconnected and unfulfilled (despite having everything I ever wanted) to a life full of meaning and joy.

And if you are entirely new to Human Design, don't worry; you are in the right place! One of my main goals in my business is to make Human Design easier to understand and apply in life.

So Human Design combines four ancient techniques (Astrology, I-Ching, Kabbalah, and the Chakra system) to create a map of your energy. The way it moves within you, the way it is projected out of you (and received by others), and how you receive energy from others.

It also reflects specific personality traits, strengths, gifts, and talents, the lessons you are here to learn, and your areas of incredible potential.

In essence, It allows you to profoundly understand yourself so you can embrace every aspect of yourself (yes, including your shadows) and finally connect with your authentic self.

Having this knowledge and tools at your disposal is SO powerful because it can completely transform your life and business completely... I know it did mine. Which is why I am so passionate about sharing everything I know about it!


If you have any questions about Human Design, send me a MESSAGE on Instagram HERE

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